Changing a World


It’s no great secret that our world is being run by generations born prior to us, those of late Gen. Y and Gen. Z. It’s also no great secret that the lasting impact of their leadership and decisions will not affect them, but us, when their generation is gone. It’s a cycle that has gone on for generations. But we can change it. Us. The youth of not only America, but of the world. The questions one might ask is how, or why. Let me first explain one reason of why. We understand each other. For the most part, and educated youth is more understanding of someone else, based on exposure to others via the internet, social networking and the greater diversity in schools. Issues like religion, rights, war are very different from our leaders, more radical often-times, but with good intent. Now, a simple how. Talk or write to whomever represents you in government. Tell them what you want to see changed, and what you want them to do. Think it through. What do YOU want to see happen in our world? What change do you stand for? Stand with me, and those around you. Use knowledge, thought, and your connection to not only others, but to your understanding of the world. We can change it. You. Me. Us. Together. Take a stand for a cause. Do it. For our generation. And for those after us. The world is in our hands. Let us hold it up.

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